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I am Lydia (°1984), clinical psychologist and mother of a toddler. I am very fascinated by life and the role of humans. Man as an individual, as a parent and as a member of a group. And what it means to be human, if you balance in authenticity, in connection with each other and with nature. If you evolve from surviving and keeping your head above water, to discovering and creating in expression through words, art and dance. Understanding our potential, is accompanied by an understanding of our obstacles such as psychotrauma, intergenerational transfers, stress, inequality, social demands, ... basically everything that makes us feel unsafe and puts pressure on our nervous system. As a result, complaints and maladaptive behaviour, whether clinical or not, can arise. Supported by mind-body (holistic) insights from neuropsychology, our nervous system and conscious parenting ideas such as natural parenting, parenting from the inside & AP (attachment parenting) you can parent more freely and authentically and at the same time help your (inner) child to enjoy every opportunity. Driven by the scientist in me, I am constantly acquiring more knowledge and skills to build in security so that we as a human being can place our gift to the world. Where science stops, philosophy from east to west gives us an extra push to realize our potential. And at the same time, we still don't know very much about this complex world, and I humbly watch as our quest in life is more special than the goal. 


All the best, 

Lydia Castiglione


We don't go to a symphony

to only hear the last note.

2010 - present

2010 - present


Clinical Psychologist 

Doctoral Student in Psychology in the theme of Self-Compassion

Specialization in Mindfulness 

      Trained in 6 curricula: MBCT/MBSR, iMBCT, Mindful Kids, Mindful teens, mindful schools & mindful with your baby

Specialization Creative Interaction

Courses in Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT), Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC),  Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE), Workshops in Psychotrauma, Nonviolent Communication & Training in Development cooperation



Teacher at Insight Timer (online community)

Clinical psychologist at BRUCC (Brussels)

Student psychologist at VUB (Brussels)

Child and adolescent psychologist, parent counseling at De Parachute (Blanden)

Mindfulness trainer, teacher and supervisor at I AM (Ghent)

Care coordinator in Brussels Dutch-language education (Laeken)

Individual, family and community counselor in youth welfare at 't Pasrel (Schaerbeek)

Clinical internship in addiction care at De Spiegel (Asse)

Experience expert miscarriage


La ressourcerie Parentale BXL

Founder Mimoki 

Co-founder of Child-Flower 

Co-founder of the non-profit organization Mildheid

Involved in various national & international (research) projects


Castiglione, L, Baetens, I., Dewulf, D. (2022). Zelfcompassie. In R. Lindauer, W. Staal (red.), Handboek kind- en

jeugdpsychiatrie (1).  Amsterdam, Nederland: Boom.

Castiglione, L. (2021) Mindfulness: voorbij de hype. Het belang ervan voor preventie en klinische praktijk. Tijdschrift Klinisch

psychologie,  51 (1)

Castiglione, L., De Leeuw, I., (2013)  Je bent jong en je wilt wat... meer leven in het hier en nu. Tijdschrift Agora, 29 (3).​

Administrative data

Visa number 325332

Psychologists Committee 842109091

AXA Belgium  BE40 7506 0892 7463

Member at VVKP Flemish Association for Clinical Psychologists

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