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Individual guidance & training
online •  outdoor •  at your place

A holistic and client-oriented approach through conversational methodologies,

body-oriented interventions, nutrition, mindfulness & self-compassion

Understanding developmental tasks from infancy through adulthood

Self-development & full living

Increasing resilience & self-determination

Dealing with (parenting) stress

Emotional concerns: fear, gloom, anger, sadness

Breaking free from automatic unhelpful behavior patterns 

Processing shocking events, grief and loss experience

Perfectionism, fear of failure, shame, self-criticism, identity problems

Attachment injuries

Intended parents & pregnancy loss

Difficulties with meditation & trauma-sensitive approach

Training in mindfulness & self-compassion

General Availability 

Mon     1pm - 3pm

Tue       1pm - 3pm

Wed     9am - 11am


Winter holidays from 19/12/2022 - 1/01/2023


Online • Zoom or QIT

Outdoor • Bois de la Cambre in Ixelles

At your place • Region Ixelles and surrounding municipalities


85 euros for an introductory meeting (including file and administration costs)

70 euros for a counseling conversation

560 euros for an individual 8-week mindfulness or self-compassion training

Mileage allowance applies 

Here you will find information about the reimbursement conditions and amounts per health insurance fund.


You can cancel or reschedule an appointment at least 24 hours in advance. 

If you do not notify or notify too late, an administrative fee will be charged. 

Contact me for an appointment or book your appointment online in Dutch.
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