Training and reflection
throughout the life course

Mindfulness is a special ability to consciously and without judgment focus on the present moment. This gives room to no longer react from automatic patterns. Self-compassion is the ability to look at yourself with kindness and kindness when you, like any parent, have a hard time. You develop inner sources of support so that self-criticism and shame give way to a helping voice. Unlike vagueness, it brings you into contact with your experience in this moment and you develop the power to act in balance and wisely according to the needs of yourself and as a parent to the developmental needs of your child.
  • mindfulness based cognitive therapy and stress reduction

  • self-compassion

  • mindful kids

  • mindful teens

  • mindful family

  • mindful with your baby/toddler - the attached child

  • self compassion for mothers - the good enough mum

Whether in an organisation/school, in a group or as an individual - on request.

Ask your health insurance fund for the reimbursement conditions for mindfulness training.

A child is born full of potential. The child's blueprint is to connect primarily with the primary caregivers, often the parents. This gives them the necessary security and confidence to gradually build up their autonomy over the years, acquire competences and deepen relationships with others. This process can be disrupted by all kinds of obstacles from our own early experiences, by stress, fear, gloom whether or not hormone-dependent. The reflection days are appropriate to the developmental needs of your child and the accompanying parental role.
  • matrescence - the birth of a mother

  • a safe place - for mothers and their babies up to 4 months

  • mother circles